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Flying-V Tours

Flying-V Tours offers a variety of guided tours in birding hotspots across the United States and internationally. Birders and nature enthusiasts of all levels of experience are welcome, with tours ranging from short duration, slow-paced walks to more strenuous hikes. Some trips will focus on intensive birding, while other excursions will be more relaxed depending on the surveyed interest. While some tours are focused primarily on bird-identification, other may introduce the geological, botanical, and ecological qualities of a particular location. Local guides will be utilized for some daily trips, but the costs are kept to a minimum by direct bookings and a no-frills style of tour. New tours and locations will be considered and advertised to evaluate interest if the proposed tour meets Flying-V's feasibility requirements.

Experience Expert Designed and Guided Tours

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Visit the beautiful vistas of southeastern Arizona and experience incredible diversity in habitats and bird species, from wetlands to mountaintops. Tourists have exciting opportunities to view the colorful hooded oriole, the unique greater roadrunner, sleek prairie falcon, and dozens more amongst the distinctive terrain. Enjoy the Arizona sun and clear skies and pleasant temperatures of late April. Whether you are an avid bird enthusiast or completely new to the world of birding, this trip is sure to excite and teach. Moderate pacing and plenty of rest ensure that all ability levels can experience the beautiful desert. View the Southeast Arizona Tour page to learn more.

Capture Stunning Images

Take pictures of the scenery and bird species you see along the way. Over my years of birding, I constantly accumulate pictures to add to my collection. View the Photo Gallery page to see some of my favorites. Whether you already have your own collection or you're just getting started, this trip is sure to give you some new species to show friends and family back home. Note that nature photography is a learned skill even with the latest digital cameras. Photos are often shared among tour participants.

Image of Arizona